Financial Dashboard for Wealth Building

HomeBot is a financial dashboard that will give you accurate and up to date information about the value of your home and how much equity you have built. It will also allow you to connect directly with me for a more in depth analysis of what your home is worth.


Knowledge is Power

There are many reasons it is important to know what your home is worth. Ready to sell? Refinance for a lower interest rate? Those are the obvious ones, but what about a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) to make improvements, or a cash out refinance to purchase an income producing investment property. This is just the tip of why it is so important to have a true understanding of what your home is worth. Be wary of 3rd party sites, while this may seem like an easy estimate, there is no shortage of these websites being wildly off in their evaluations. These websites are free to the customer because they are charging agents for lead generation, on the surface this doesn't seem terrible, but the reality is lead generation is far prioritized over actual information. Below is a fantastic financial dashboard I provide to my clients at no cost, that will allow you to see what your home is worth over time and help you understand your wealth building journey. We are also always happy to provide a free and no obligation home valuation.