Do I need to stage?

Staging a home is an important element to any home sale. Sure, if the home is in complete disrepair and you are selling to someone who is going to come in and tear it apart, it may not matter. However, many sellers want the home to show in the best possible light and engage the perfect buyer.

According to the National Association of Realtors, a well staged home will generally bring between 1% and 5% increase in offer price. The living room, primary bedroom and kitchen being the most important areas to focus on.

If you live in the home, generally depersonalization and decluttering is all that is needed. Maybe an accent touch, but that should be enough. This largely comes into play with a vacant home.

When a buyer walks into a home, they want to imagine themselves living there. Though you would think a blank slate would be best for this, I have never walked into an empty home and not heard the first question be "but will the couch/bed/grandmas dinning room hutch fit here?".

A simple but thoughtfully staged home will demonstrate the space, be warm and inviting, and give a prospective buyer a place to sit down and envision themselves living there. Yes, allowing a buyer to sit down for a minute and really connect with a space certainly helps build that emotional connection. You don't want to be just another house, you want to be the space someone will make their home!

Will my 4 person kitchen table fit in this small space, I love to entertain? It looks a bit tight? Well, what if you could sit-down at an 8 person table to discuss that with a few stools off to the side for plenty of additional seating? I don't think it will... turns into this is definitely big enough pretty quickly.

The deal breaker for most, will my bed fit here? Why yes it will!

Pro tip: a double hight air-mattress is far easier to move and plenty good enough to display this, just make sure it is properly inflated and secured as someone is bound to sit on it.

Also remember, not all staging is furniture. Bathroom and kitchen, just a few accent pieces or towels will spruce it up enough to look great! Though a functional benefit, many bathtubs and showers are just not esthetically pleasing, a simple shower curtain can completely change how the room shows.

Don't forget the details! A tall plant in the corner or a room will create a sense of height...Yes all the plants are fake, I wouldn't distress real plans with the the moving, months in storage and my ability to kill all plants no matter how hard I try 😢. Wall hangings are super important as well, did you notice every room had some? If you are putting the effort into staging, wall art truly....completes the picture.

Pro tip #2: canvas artwork can be found at very reasonable prices, because they are also light weight they can almost always be secured with lighter duty nails. This will make it easy to quickly fill the holes and touch up the wall space once the staging comes down.

Outdoor space? You have likely heard of curb appeal. A little bistro table or welcome mat absolutely makes a world of difference. The prospective buyer will feel invited as soon as the front door is in view, isn't that what we want?

The staging process also invites that deep cleaning you know you need to do and the little touch ups you were going to ignore until you got an offer. You will truly be putting your best foot forward from day 1!

Go Nuts! Where is your sense of whimsy? As you stalk the hundreds of homes we have sold and will likely find our nuts.....everywhere! Love them or hate them....I have not had a buyer walk into a home and giggle a little seeing them. It is a conversation piece, it breaks the ice, it allows a more genuine connection with a home. Keep it PG and easily removable, but don't be afraid to throw in a little quirky item that people will remember you and the home for.

Of course we use professional movers and stage a home at our cost as part of our listing services, but if you are trying to do it yourself. Always keep a budget in mind, yard sales, discounts, clearance shelves and dollar stores have amazing options. We purchase furniture we plan to use all the time for many listings. If you are doing this once, you don't want to get stuck with a bunch of items you spent tons of money on, you will never use again, or have to find a way to store.

We are happy to create a custom marketing plan for your home! Always feel free to connect with any questions you have, or so we can help you get the process started!

Make it an epic day!

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