10 tips on how to professionally photograph your home in order to sell it

Especially in light of the current pandemic, the first place your home will be viewed is likely on the internet. Here is my best advice to make your home look it's very best for the photoshoot!

#1 Hire me - I market all of my homes with professional photography, video tours and Matterport 3D interactive tours. The more options the better and I try and hit them all, no need to read the rest just call me! 🤣

#2 Equipment matters....Sort of - You don't need to invest in $15k worth of professional gear to get amazing pictures of your home. With that said, your cell phone is not going to do it. A decent DSLR with a wide-angle lens is important, otherwise your rooms will feel small and cramped in pictures. You will also want a tripod to make sure the photos are level and there is no blur from shaking. You also need a good flash, even in well lit rooms this will prevent shadows level out the lighting.

#3 Declutter - This may be the most important tip of them all. You want clean, simple, depersonalized. The buyer will want to envision themselves in your home. This is a great time to put some of the extras away and just keep things simple. Also, yes that dusty fan or pile of stuff you hid behind the chair will show up totally killing the vibe. The good quality equipment will capture all these details.

#4 Explore First - Walk through the house as if you were showing it off to someone you want to impress. See what angles show the rooms best, normally standing in the doorway will give you the best angle, but look through the viewfinder of your camera and try several options. Also, unless your closet is perfectly organized or absolutely it for the in person tour. These don't show well and some things are just better left for the in person visit.

#5 Lighting is a thing - The more natural light there is the better. As any photographer will tell you, the more light the brighter and larger the room will look. Avoid early morning and evening (other than outdoor view/artistic shots) The interior is mostly likely going to see it's best lighting between 10 AM and 4 PM. Pro Tip - Unless the view is really bad, always fully open all your blinds and curtains. Adjust to the same level when they can't be fully opened for continuity.

#6 What Matters - Think about what matters most to someone who wants to buy your home. Amazing stove top? feature it. Primary bathroom spa? Of course we want to see where we would relax. Extra storage? if it is neat show it. Pile of laundry thrown on the couch? not so much and before you say who does that, yes we see this pop up every day. Remember the goal, to appeal to as many home buyers as possible and get people through the door.

#7 Colors are important - You may not need to repaint the whole house for pictures, but an accent wall gone awry or a wall patch you didn't get around to fixing could cost thousands. A few hours and a quick run to the paint store can do more than you would imagine. On that topic, accent pillows or bright decorations may look great, but make sure in a picture they don't distract from the room itself.

#8 Outside has feelings to - Curb appeal matters when someone drives by, but it matters just as much in pictures. A person looking at your home want's to envision driving up, how the yard looks, what the street view looks like, if the house on the side is a mess. Google street view is a thing, you want to make sure your pictures show the best possible light. If people can't tell what your home looks like outside, the next step is look at a low quality street view that almost always has an odd or unflattering angle or random things that will make even the best home look scary to approach.

#9 Check out the Competition - Seeing what other people are doing to market their home can be a great idea. Camera angle ideas, creative picture techniques, just general quality you want to aim for. Don't be afraid to look around or ask around so you know what to aim for.

#10 Careful with the Airbrush - While you don't want to go all out photo editing to the point you don't even recognize your home, adjusting color, lighting settings and basic photo editing is something you should do. Don't worry if this is outside of your comfort zone, there are many services that will edit your photos for you inexpensively, ask and we will connect you.

I hope this information helps with the marketing of your home! Of course if you have any questions at all, always feel free to reach out!

As always, make it an Epic day!

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